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Recycling: Let’s Shoot For 80 Percent!

recyclePotter County’s Building and Grounds Department expresses appreciation to those county employees who have helped to make our recycling program a success. Joe Kurtz, supervisor of buildings and grounds, reports more than half of the trash being generated in county offices is now being recycled. However, some employees are not separating out recyclables from the rest of their trash. Recycling is saving the county money – it costs much less to dispose of recyclables – and it’s an environmentally responsible habit. With a more concerted effort by employees, the proportion of waste that is recycled could be pushed as high as 80 percent.

The only items that cannot be recycled are food waste, plastic bags, window glass, light bulbs, foam packaging, tissues and aerosol cans. Recyclables do not have to be sorted, but can instead be deposited together in one “mixed recycling” bin. Acceptable materials include paper, plastic, aluminum, glass, cardboard, newspapers, magazines, catalogs, steel cans and more. Cans, bottles and other containers should be washed out before being deposited in the recycling bin. Anyone who wants to have additional collection containers delivered should contact Dawn Swatsworth in the Commissioners Office at 274-829o, extension 207.

Under a contract with Casella Waste Systems Inc., recyclables are trucked to Olean, N.Y., then transported to Geneva, N.Y., where Casella operates a massive separator that segregates the items for sale to various markets. Casella’s mixed recycling program is explained at this website (complete with a video):