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Important Advisory On Computer Issues!

computer-useWith a new year dawning soon, the Potter County Commissioners are evaluating each department’s information technology needs. Bill Solomon (Director/Technological Services) is conducting a department-by-department inventory to review each employee’s operating system and software issues. If you need to contact Bill directly, he can be reached at 274-8290, Ext. 601. Part of the inventory/audit process involves installation of backup systems that protect against valuable data loss. Bill has also provided the following important information for employees:

  • Please delete any unnecessary emails and other documents or files that are obsolete and/or outdated.
  • Very important! Employees should not open any attachments unless the user is certain of the validity of both the sender and the attachment. Any “.zip” file and “.exe” file should not be opened unless it is scanned. Considerable damage can be done by opening these files.
  • All systems should be running a minimum of XP Professional (not XP Home) and Office 2007 and above. If you are having trouble accessing state sites, please let Bill know, as Internet Explorer versions 10 and above are not compatible.
  • Norton 360 is now the preferred anti-virus software. If your system does not have it installed, please let Bill know so he can prioritize the system.
  • The county’s Technological Resources Acceptable Use Policy restricts the use of county-owned equipment (computers/software/internet access) to county business only. At the time of this policy’s adoption, employees were provided with a copy of the county’s policy and were asked to sign an acknowledgment/consent form. This form verifies that the employee is aware of the policy and agrees to comply. Copies of the county’s policy and the acknowledgment form are available from Dawn Swatsworth at 274-8290/Extension 207. Please take the time to review the policy and, if you have not yet signed the acknowledgment form, please do so and deliver the form to your department head or supervisor.