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County Launches GIS/Mapping Department

emborsky1The Potter County Commissioners announce that a GIS/Mapping Department has been established and is located in the Gunzburger Building, within the Planning Office. Rudin Emborsky (left), who has served as a GIS/Mapping employee with the Potter County Department of Emergency Services, has been appointed as the GIS/Mapping Director. GIS/Mapping Coordinator Jake Ostrom is also involved in the new department, as well as continuing to serve as Chief Assessor. They are coordinating GIS functions with several county department heads, including Information Technology Director Bill Solomon.

GIS (Geographic Information Service) has become a critical part of government operations in recent years. The new technology, combined with longitude/latitude data and other traditional records, improves accuracy and efficiencies in emergency services, planning, tax assessment, deed recording, public works, as well as coordination with private-sector entities and state/federal government initiatives. Many county and local governments across Pennsylvania have established GIS divisions.